Architectural Design

Architectural designing process begins when owner approaches architect with a concept design. And TAEP responsibility to understand the clients thought process and Implement his design matching all standards and guidelines. On completion of architectural drawing, TAEP's submit set of drawings to authorities to get the approval so that final process of construction can be initiated accordingly. Also he makes sure that construction works according to specified guidelines in architectural drawings. TAEP service range includes a wide range of architectural designing service, green building design service, and smart building design service.



Our landscape design team recognizes the importance of creating responsible designs of all types, scales and at all stages of planning. We look towards the uniqueness of natural, cultural, and historical surroundings to provide inspiration, while continuously evolving to integrate new understandings.

Working in tandem with nature to achieve appealing results, we design outdoor spaces that are timeless and establish relationships that strengthen these concepts for future projects and generations.

Driven by their belief in holistic development, land preservation, and aesthetics, our architects challenge themselves to continuously improve the interaction and harmony between people and place. We offer a fully-coordinated, comprehensive project services that include feasibility, planning, and all design stages through to tendering and construction site supervision.

Interior Design

By designing a building from the inside-out as much as from the outside-in, we inculcate a sense of continuity and connection to the wider world. The starting point for any design solution is to gain an understanding of people’s needs and the way in which a space will be used. The goal is the creation of interiors that are both functional and elegant, while evoking a sense of place and complementing a building’s outward expression.

Urban Planning

The design of the public realm is arguably more significant than the collective merits of the individual buildings. The Urban Design Group consists of specialists from a range of backgrounds – including landscape architecture, anthropology, economic development, sociology, urban analysis and computation. By gaining a detailed understanding of context, the group helps to develop projects that are tailored to specific socio-economic, climatic and spatial circumstances.