Offices & Headquarters

Credit and Savings Bank HQ Building

The Associated Engineering Partnership (TAEP) was awarded the study and design of the Credit and Savings Bank HQ Building, following competitive bidding among five Kuwaiti firms.  The international firm brought in to work with TAEP is Gensler Associates, an international design office with HQs in San Francisco and a regional office in London.

There were three alternative design concepts submitted to the Bank, from amongst which the design shown at the top

above has been recently selected.  It is to be constructed in twelve floors, each of a varying floor area and mass, but sharing the service elevator and staircase cores, thus creating double height spaces in various corners to be landscaped and appropriately furnished.

The selected concept offers a client-oriented pavilion with a roof terrace under a generous roof / canopy.  This triangular pavilion merges into the office slab on the east.  Double height top floors stand up prominently on the North and offer excellent opportunities for representative managerial office space.


 The concept for landscaping, the project, is for a large central lake which brings a singularity to the landscape.  It is traversed by several walkways and provides a tranquil setting for the grove and canopy beyond.  This calm body of water will be reflected in the under storey of the building above and provides a sense of peace and tranquility.  At night, the water will be illuminated with directional lighting, creating a subtle interplay of reflections and ambiances.  The grove consists of a high level canopy of trees with a lower level pergola shade structure providing green and pleasant surroundings to sit and relax.  The extensive roof garden follows the dynamics of the building and provides a very large outdoor space for recreation and social gatherings.  It will have many shade structures and green spaces in which to relax.  The green spaces are connected by a grid of formal paths, again following the geometry of the building

Kuwait Control and Meteorological Centre Office Building

Lahmeyer International GmbH (The Lead Firm on the Project) in association with TAEP are providing Design and supervision services for emergency and additional works for Implementation of the Kuwait Airspace System Plan at the Kuwait International Airport.

The Kuwait Control and Meteorological Centre is being designed for construction at the Kuwait International Airport.


 TAEP provided full A/E design and tender documents for the KCMC Building.


 The complex building consists of the following :


          The Air Traffic Control Centre (ATC)


          The Meteorological Centre (MET)


          The Training Section serving both the Air Traffic Control Centre and the Meteorological Centre.


 The control centre houses the high tech Air Navigation Equipments and the Air Navigation Department

State Audit Bureau Office HQ

The site having an area of 10000 m2 is located in the Shuwaikh area, adjacent to sites of other prestigious buildings including the Arab Organisation Building and the Kuwait Shipping Company.  The design consists of three parallel office buildings, each 8 stories high.  These are linked by two atria. On the NW boundary, there is a 6 storey high entrance loggia and on the SE boundary is a curved glazed wall linking the atria permitting exicting views into the building.

The building is a combination of concrete, steel and glass curtain wall.

Vehicular access to the site includes entry from SW boundary and exit from the NE boundary.  Separate ramps provide access for VIP’s upto the main entrance and for vehicles down to the basements.  The main internal circulation shows the 3 office buildings linked by a single line of bridges from which the lifts are accessed.  Vertical circulation consists of two banks of panoramic lifts for the general staff, one VIP lift, a goods lift and 3 fire rescue lifts, these serve all floors including the basements.

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