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An open sided steel storage shed at the  Shuwaikh  Port    for thePorts Public Authority.  Overall size is 12500 cm   length & 8500 cm width. Widthwise,  the steel structure  is designed as three equal spans of 2650cms each while    lengthwise  the steel  columns are placed on a  1040 cm grid.Minimum clear height is 600cms. Roof slope is 4%.  The structural steel for the shed was designed,  detailed   and manufactured by VEB METALLE-ICHTBAUKO-  MBINAT  of  East   Germany   in  accordance  with the conceptual    design   developed   by   The    Associated  Engineering Partnership,  (TAEP). 


TAEP was further responsible for all A/E design tasks in  this project exclusive of the detailed structural  design of the shed itself.    Supervision of construction was by the Ports  Public  Authority.    The award of this  project followed a design turnkey  bid to the Ports   Public   Authority  and was awarded to the Contractor  based on the submission prepared  by The Associated Engineering Partnership.

 TAEP also undertook full A/E design from preliminary stage to final design, prepration of the tender documents documents and construction supervision for the miscellaneous works within the Ports  Public Authority area for the following.  All of which were awarded  pursuant  to competitive  technical & financial bidding  among local

 Kuwaiti consulting offices

  *   Western Gate Extension, Phase

  *   Customs, Security & Medicine Control Building

  *   Container Stores & Ancilliary Facilities

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