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Amiri Terminal

Ahmadiah submitted the Technical and Financial Proposal for this prestigious project associating with TheAssociated Engineering Partnership (TAEP) one of the MPW shortlisted local consultant to do the design work.  To provide for the specialized nature of the works, TAEP agreed with Ahmadiah to associate with Studio Paul Andreau,Architecte of Paris, France a noted International Architectural practice whose work in airport terminal design is exemplary and spans the design of airport terminals worldwide

The works consisted of the design of the Amiri Terminal Building, in addition to an Aircraft Hangar for A380aircraft, associated parking and road construction and associated infrastructure and landscaping works including operating, training and maintaining the facility for a period of two years.

Intermediate Schools for Boys & Girls

Except for minor changes, the prototype intermediate school design is identical to the prototype school adapted by The Associated Engineering Partnership.  In the intermediate school design, however, the sports hall is cancelled and the multipurpose hall retained.  Distribution of other functional areas remain unchanged.A total of six (6) Intermediate Schools for Boys & Girls were designed by The Associated Engineering Partnership for the Ministry of Education in various parts of Kuwait.

The Community and Neighborhood Center

It  is situated in the existing Shuwaikh Campus of Kuwait University.It comprises mainly six blocks with a gross area of 12132 M2 . The individual blocks are: Block A: Faculty Association, with net area of 2808.25 M2 consists of

Diwaniya, Auditorium (276 seat capacity) and Administration Areas. Block B: Activities, with net area of 1781.65 M2 consists of Bowling alley, Computer Arcade, Game rooms (billiards, table tennis). Block C: Food Court, with netarea of 920 M2.Block D: Neighborhood Center, with net area of 1980.18 M2 andconsists of a Supermarket, Bank, Post Office and other Consumer Shops. These four blocks are inter-connected by means of four octagonal-shaped structures with domes and have an open pergola with wooden trellis on the side facing the landscaped courtyard

These four blocks are inter-connected by means of four octagonal-shaped structures with domes and have an open pergola with wooden trellis on the side facing the landscaped courtyard.While the remaining two blocks: Block G-Guest Housing with net area of 3138.58 M2 and the Block-E Medical/Dental Clinic, area of 1019.21M2 are separate blocks and are double storied.  The former consists of seven different types of apartment units with service facilities like Servants quarters, Restaurant and Offices.  It has an open pergola tent structure.  While the latter has two large canopies of structural Precast concrete.  It consists of a Medical as well as a Dental Clinic with other auxiliary facilities.There is extensive site and landscaped areas that include external paving, planting and an irrigation system.

The Prophecy Al-Hadeeth Al-Shareef Center Competition
Mishref Area, Kuwait


This was a competition entry done with Mr Micheal Gebhart, The objective was to create an Islamic landmark, convey true Islamic values, and highlight the achievements of the Islamic Civilization. Using the basic, geometrically powerful forms of an arc, cylinder, and cube, and materials properly proportioned to the context of the desert’sendless scale achieves the project’s goal. The cube, that symbolizes the “Kaaba,” organizes the “Journey.” The cylinder symbolizes the movement around the “Kaaba.” The curved building fans out to symbolize spreading of the word of Islam and houses the supporting program elements. The fan shape and trellis spokes over the atrium reinforce the idea of disseminating the thoughts of Islam. The plan organization forms a dramatic first image of the curved volume housing the Center’s administration, learning, and support facilities. The four main halls are hidden within the cube, connected by the central atrium interactive zone, which wraps around the hub of the theoretical world,symbolizing the “Journey.”

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