Corporate Profile

As presently structured and managed, the Partnership is a full service study and design firm able to provide feasibility studies, engineering designs and contract document preparation for a wide range of engineering projects. In addition to the capabilities of its permanent full-time core staff (the Partnership does not depend or use part-time staff) it has access to on-call specialists, world wide, in various industries and fields of specialization through professional association with international consulting firms.

On its various assignments, the Partnership works on a project team basis. A design manager, usually a core member of its staff is appointed to assemble a team from the staff to perform the design effort. The design manager is responsible to one of the TAEP directors who will monitor progress and hold regular review meetings to ensure the quality and standard of the work being performed.

The Partnership's staff has a complementary range of experience on various types of projects from feasibility study, inception, where a building program or a report is prepared on a project's technical and design aspects, to final design encompassing detailed construction drawings, specifications, bills of quantities and associated tender documents.

Procedures have also been established for the management of the design operation, preparation of contract documents, coordination with Clients, issue of contract documents and follow-up with response to contractors' questions.

The Partnership’s offices in Kuwait City occupy about 600 M2 on three floors. The offices are fully networked with 38 CAD stations employing the latest in hardware and software. These facilities are under constant review and are updated and extended as necessary. The network is maintained by a CAD Manager on a full time basis who also undertakes training of the staff on regular intervals. Printing and plotting services are available in-house and hence TAEP does not have to depend on commercial establishments for their day-to-day printing and plotting requirements. Needless to say even tender packages are reproduced at the Partnership’s offices.

Listed below are a few local (Kuwait) projects, which are either recently completed or currently ongoing:

• The Kuwait Control & Meteorological Center (KCMC) Building for DGCA, Kuwait
• The Long Range Approach Radar Building for DGCA, Kuwait
• The South Power Building for DGCA, Kuwait
• Extension of the 11KV Network for DGCA, Kuwait
• Electrical Infrastructure & Transmitter / Receiver Stations for DGCA, Kuwait
• Kuwait Airspace Masterplan for DGCA, Kuwait

• The New HQ Building for the State Audit Bureau, Kuwait
• The Multistorey Car Park for the State Audit Bureau, Kuwait
• The Kuwait National Library for NCCAL, Kuwait
• The Kuwait University Shuwaikh Campus Library
• The Kuwait University Shuwaikh Campus Community & Neighborhood Center
• The Kuwait University Shuwaikh Campus Sports Complex and Multipurpose Arena
• Olympic Swimming Pools Complex and Multipurpose Arena for PAYS, Kuwait
• The Subiya Water Distribution Facilities in Kuwait

In addition to its work in Kuwait, and, for the past sixteen years, the Partnership has undertaken work outside Kuwait, and is presently active in fifteen (15) different countries on roads and infrastructure projects funded by the Islamic Development Bank, the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, the Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development, the OAPEC Fund, and the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA). A sample of the work undertaken for these funding agencies included the Grenada Coastal Road Project, Bridges Reconstruction & Rehabilitation project in Sri Lanka, the Upgrading and supervision of Reconstruction of the 140 Kms Natitingou-Djougou Road Project in Benin, Design and Construction Supervision of the Shikapur & Doarika Bridges & Approach Roads in Bangladesh. On-going work in Africa includes roads and bridges work in Senegal, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Benin, Cape Vert, Morocco and others. A brief elaboration of these projects and others are the following:

• Design Review, Pre Contract services & Construction Supervision of 160 Km of the Tshabong-Middlepits Road in Botswana. Association with DIWI Bostswana (Pty) Ltd & Lesedi Consulting Engineers, Botswana. Funded by KFAED.

• Feasibility study of 850 Km for the Mitwara – Mbamba Bay Road in Tanzania. Association with DIWI of Germany. Funded by KFAED.

• Design and Construction Supervision of two flyovers at Moghbazar and Mouchak Intersections in Dhaka City. Funded by KFAED.

• Reconstruction of 225 Km of the Nouakchott-Attar Road in Mauritania. Association with DIWI of Germany. Funded by FADES and IDB.

• Upgrading, supervision of Construction of the 140 kms Nattitingou - Djougou Road Project in Benin, West Africa. Association with BCEOM of France. Funded by KFAED and IDB.

• Upgrading, design & supervision of construction of the 60 kms stretch of Coastal Roads in Grenada, The Caribbean. Association with DIWI of Germany. Funded by KFAED.

• Upgrading, design and supervision of construction of the 28 kms Antigua All Saints Road in Antigua, The Caribbean. Association with DIWI of Germany. Funded by KFAED.

• Design, Documentation & Supervision of the Windhoek-Aris Climbing & Parking Lanes, Ancillary Roads & other Highway Improvements, Namibia. Association with Stewart Scott Namibia. Funded by BADEA.

• Consultancy Services for the Construction of the 140 km Dier Ezzor-Al Hassaka Highway, Syria. Association with Khatib & Alami of Lebanon. Funded by KFAED.

• Consultancy Services for the Feasibility Study of the Construction of a Highway from Vieux Fort – Gros Islet, St. Lucia, West Indies. Association DIWI International GmbH of Germany., Funded by KFAED,

• Detailed Design & Construction Supervision of the Mongu-Kalabo Road Project, Zambia. Association with DIWI International GmbH of Germany, Funded by KFAED, BADEA and OPEC.

• Bridges Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Project in Sri Lanka. Association with DMJM Int’l, Los Angeles-CA,USA & RDC, Colombo-Sri Lanka. Funded by KFAED.

• Design & Construction Supervision of the Shikarpur & Doarika Bridges & Approach Roads, Bangladesh. Association with Roughton International of U.K., Funded by KFAED.

• Studies of Water Distribution of Nouakchott from Aftout Essaheli in Mauritania. Association with Gersar-SCP & Afrecom. Funded by IDB.

• Supervision of the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Development Projects of the Djibouti International Port, Djibouti, East Africa. Association with BCEOM of France. Funded by KFAED and IDB.

• Supervision of Construction, Part of the Coastal Network, Erosion Control & Beach Nourishment, Grenada, The Caribbean, Funded by KFAED.

• Preliminary, Detailed Design and Tender Documents of a new 200 meter long berth (berth # 3) and a new yard behind the berth area being approx. 50000m2 at Port Autonome International de Djibouti, Djibouti. Association with BCEOM of France. Funded by KFAED and FADES.

• Redesign and construction supervision of irrigation districts in Las Flores, Honduras. Association with BCEOM of France. Funded by the KFAED.

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