Firm History

The Partnership was established under the name of Charles T. Haddad and Associates, CTHA, in 1978. By means of partial acquisition, The Associated Engineering Partnership, TAEP, became the successor of CTHA. This partial acquisition affected on 01 Jan 85 by Mr. Khaled Salem Alfouzan encompassed the complete transfer of all fixed and current assets, personnel, management and know-how resources and assured the firm’s continuity over the past sixteen years with the minimum of interruption.

Subsequent to this acquisition, the Partnership became registered as a Kuwaiti consulting office under Kuwaiti Law with the Kuwait Society of Engineers, the Kuwait Municipality, and the Kuwait Ministry of Planning. The firm has no affiliation to manufacturers, suppliers, contractors or financial institutions. This complete independence ensures the Partnership’s total impartiality on all client-associated matters.

After the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, and under difficult conditions, the Partnership has demonstrated a strong ability to continue in its commitment to do quality work to a high level of professional performance, locally and internationally. It has, as a case in point, carried along these lines in its involvement, independently or jointly with other consulting firms, on the design and construction supervision.

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